Safety Tips 


Warehouse Safety


  • When stocking shelves by hand, position the materials to be shelved slightly in front of you, so you do not have to twist when lifting and stacking materials
  • Visually inspect for sharp objects or other hazards before reaching into containers such as garbage cans, boxes, bags or sinks
  • Remove or bend nails and staples from crates before unpacking the crates
  • When cutting shrink wrap with a blade, always cut away from you and your co-workers
  • Do not try to kick objects out of pathways; push or carry them out of the way
  • Do not let items overhang from shelves into walkways
  • Move slowly when approaching blind corners
  • Place heavier loads on the lower or middle shelves
  • Remove one object at a time from shelves
  • Place items on shelves so that they lie flat and do not wobble 




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