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Respiratory - 7000/9000 Reusable Respirators
Compliance just got a whole lot easier
Mokdex designed the 7000 half mask and 9000 full face series to be the most user friendly respirators on the market. The stream-lines 7000/9000 feature fewer parts, minimal maintenance, and a wider field of vision. They are both ultra-lightweight, durable, and economical, so maximum comfort with extended use is built-in.
The 7000/9000 series add up to simple, comfortable, and economical respiratory protection that’s just plain EASY TO WEAR.
Respiratory - 7000/9000 Gas/Vapor Cartridges


Respiratory - 7000/9000 Partculate Filters
  • Use 8910 N95 or 8970 R95 Pre-filter with the 7020 Pre-filter Retainer with any Gas/Vapor Cartridge.
  • Use the 7940 P100 Filter Disk or 7960 P100 Filter Disk plus Nuisance OV as a stand alone filter or use the 7940 with the 7920 Piggyback Adapter with any Gas/Vapor Cartridge


Hearing - Pura-Fit Foam Earplugs (NRR33dB)
  • Soft PVC -Free foam for all day comfort.
  • Tapered shape for easy insertion.
  • Longer length for easy fitting and removal.
  • Exclusive bright green color for easy compliance checks.
  • An industry favorite.


Hearing - JetzTM Earplugs (NRR27dB)
  • Extra-soft material and triple flange design seal gently and sungly eothout pressure
  • High visibility green swirls plus bright green cord make compliance checks quick and easy
  • Optional cloth cord attachers easily for a variety of working conditions and locks securely to plug
  • Plugs can be washed and reused
Hearing - PlugsStations (NRR27dB)
  • Increases compliance. Puts plug in easily accessible areas so workers use them.
  • Lowers usage – workers take just one pair.
  • Sealed PlugStation ensure plugs stay sanitary.
  • Affordable enough to mount in any location that requires hearing protection.
  • Eliminates individual packaging,less mess and maintenance.
  • Mounting bracket, template and hardware included with every PlugStation.
  • Dispenser is completely recyclable.
  • Can be used alone or with The One- Stop PlugShop.
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