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Heat Protection 

Head - Head guard

Top part fits Schuberth helmet, face shield with aluminium frame for 100 x 220 mm window, specially shaped shoulders. Rubber band at back. Length at front and back 60 cm from bottom edge of helmet. Loop for hanging.


Code Design
032 3117 KF-3/Z Para-Aramide
Head - Face shield for wide-angle window

Extended field of view.

Window 100 x 220 mm.
Press studs for neck guard.
Code Design
034 2911 RF-1/Y Rayon
034 2953 K-2/Z Para-Aramide/glass
Head - All-round visor

For use where temperatures are not too high. Ensures unhindered view over the entire field of vision. 500 x 250 mm polycarbonate visor. Attached by means of hinged mount 102 8900.


Code Design
657 1101 Visor, gold-coated
647 1101 Visor, transparent
677 1101 Visor, green colour, gold-coated
Hand - Five-finger gloves
Code Design
062 0150 330 mm long.
Fabric KF-3/Z Para-Aramide 500 g/m2
Chrome split-leather palm. Cotton lining.
062 0150 As 062 0150, 400 mm long.
062 0550 As 062 0150, 330 mm long.
Heat-resistant leather trim.
062 0950 350 mm long.
Fabric KF-3/Z Para-Aramide 500 g/m2
Integral thumb.
Palm made of heat-resistant leather.
Lining cotton loop fabric.
Hand - Cuffs

430 mm long. Unlined. Strong elastication at both ends.


Code Design
050 2117 KF-3/Z Para-Aramide 500 g/m2
Foot - Gaiters
Code Design
064 2153 400 mm high.
Fabric K-2/Z Para-Aramide/
glass 710 g/m2
Reinforced leg. Press stud fasteners.
Other - Foundryman’s coat

1300 mm long. Short upright collar with cotton cloth lining. Comfortable inset sleeves. Two ventilation eyelets under the armpits. Velcro fasteners.

Other - Jacket
800 mm long. Short upright collar with cotton cloth lining. Inset sleeves. Two ventilation eyelets under the armpits. Safety fasteners.
Other - Bib/Half aprons

Bib aprons

1100, 1200 or 1300 mm long (see mm column). 1000 mm wide. With very strong sewn-on neck loop and ties.
Half aprons
1000 mm long. 1000 mm wide. With every strong sewn-on ties.
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