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GP-KV2R Nitrile Kevlar Grip Glove



Seamless Kevlar liner.

NItrile-coated palm.


Level 4 cut resistance. Non-reinforced Kevlar version

with a roughly finished nitrile coating. For more abrasive

activities or those performed in a greasy environment.

...task involving cutting fluids or presses, steel industry,

stamping, car manufacture and repair, cabling, plastic...



310 Grip Green Glove


Seamless cotton/polyester line.

Latex-coated palm.

Resistant to abrasion, protects from micro cuts and ensures

excellent grip. Ventilated back of the hand. Ideal when

working for extended periods, as it prevents hand fatigue.

...upkeep of parks and gardens, horticulture, forestry, pruning,

refuse collection...

350R Nitrile Grip Glove


A hardwearing glove with a ventilated back.

Ideal when a strong grip is needed and for the

transport of heavy, bulky, slippery objects. The

thick butsupple liner protects the hand from friction

without reducing mobility.

...warehouse handling and delivery of barrels of oil

or chemicals, handling of crude or abrasive products,

warehouse work, mechanical industries...

GP-KV1 Kevlar Grip Glove


Seamless Kevlar liner.

Latex-coated palm.

Level 4 cut resistance. Non-reinforced Kevlar version.

The roughly finished latex on the palm allows objects

and tools to be gripped firmly. industry, bottling, metalwork, building metal

frameworks, cropping, warehouse handling, woodwork...

S-TEX#521 Kevlar Grip Glove

Cut Resistant Inner Glove

High cut resistant performance with Dexterity &


...Meat, processing industry, machinery industry,

automobile industry...


S-TEX KV3 Glove


Kevlar liner reinforced with stainless steel.

Latex-coated palm.

This latex-coated gloved features a reinforced Kevlar liner

softened using polyester, as well as a ventilated back. It

far exceeds the maximum level of cut resistance specified

by the EN388 standard, while remaining very light and

flexible. For all glasswork,metalwork or building and public

works applications that require work gloves to be worn


...sheet metal work,die-stamping, cutting, cropping, glass

industry, mirror making, metallic contstruction,maintenance...

160 Glove

Oil Resistant Unlined


Dipped PVC (Unlimited and without Flocking)

Glove with an extremely soft and thin sleeve

(0.3mm thick). Anallergic and antibacterial.

Reinforced chemical protection (hydrocarbon

treated). Patterned finish for a secure grip. Easy

to put on and remove (Slip-on treatment). Optimal

tactility and dexterity.

...cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, delicate

mechanical assembly, cleaning, hair care, precision


660 Oil Resistant Glove


Fine, Seamless, PVC-dipped Cotton Liner.

Ultra-supple, waterproof long sleeve glove with a

rough surface. Wide-spectrum chemical protection.

Comfortable and soft, allows objects to be gripped

firmly. Length 30cm.

...drilling and boring, petrochemicals, hydrocarbon

refining, fuel transport, oilrigs mechanics, building and

public works, fishing...

660 ESD Glove


Version that protects the objects or products handled

from static electricity, thanks to its special coating and

nylon liner (surface resistivity of 108 to 109@).

...flammable or explosive substances, petrochemicals...


490 Glove

Cold & Oil Resistant


Slightly thicker version (1.5mm) with a fixed acrylic

lining and enhanced chemical protection.

...chemistry, petrochemicals, oilrigs, refrigerated

warehouses, cold-water scuba diving...


720 Nitrile Glove


Fine Seamless, nitrile-dipped polyester/nylon liner

A fine, supple glove (1.1mm thick) with a seamless

liner and a rough surface, offering high chemical

resistance and excellent protection against abrasion.

For demanding tasks that require manual exertion and

complete control over tools or work materials.

...pharmaceutical or chemical industry, painting,

plastering, industrial cleaning, decontamination work...

772 Glove

ARX Nitrile Long Sleeve

Heat-bonded long-sleeve version (65cm)

With an elasticated border, equipped with a

ventilated eyelet.

...packing of chemical substances, drilling and

boring, spreading, shot and sand blasting,

engine handling...

B0500 Glove

Palm Fit White


Seamless nylon liner. Polyurethane-coated palm.

A glove with a ventilated back, which protects the palm

and fingers while completely freeing the hand's movements.

...precision work, assembly, packing, electronic inspection,

manufacture of small bottles, clean rooms...

B0600 Glove

Top Fit


Coating is restricted to the fingertips, the part of the

hand most exposed to micro-cuts.

...microelectronics, precision assembly, clock-making,

gold and silver trade, archiving, inspection, clean rooms...

370 Glove

Assembly Grip Black


Seamless nylon liner. Nitrile-coated palm.

Black coloring is ideal for work in dirty environments.

...handling or assembly of greasy mechanical parts,



380 Glove

NBR Foam Grip


Seamless, sticky nylon liner. Nitrile foam-coated palm.

The dotted microporous nitrile foam provides a strong grip

on slippery parts or surfaces that require highly secure

movements and optimal dexterity. Whilst the lightweight

nylon liner is well ventilated and fits to the contours of

the hand.

...mechanical and automotive construction, machine or

component assembly, machining, sandling...

377 Glove

Nitrile Foam Grip




Oil resistant. Optimal protection.

Full protection and optimal grip in dry, oily, greasy or even

oil submersion environments. Impermeable until the knitwrist.


541 Pla, Plus Glove


Seamless HPPE Liner. Polyurethane-Coated palm.

Level 3 cut resistance. A glove that is supple and light,

with a ventilated back and a grey colouring that does not

show the dirt. Provides a high degree of comfort when

performing delicate tasks in work environments that are

greasy and where the risk of cuts is high.

...metal industry, bodywork, stamping, sheet metal work,

electrical appliance assembly, precision mechanics...


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